Inside the Jewellery Box

Jewellery is a funny topic, in a sense that it creates such an emotional attachment unlike any other object. Granted there is an underlying material value which ultimately makes it desirable, but still, sentimentality outweighs this entirely in most cases.

I’m taking a look inside some of Biddle & Webb’s staff’s jewellery boxes to uncover their favourite jewels and gems. What made them choose that style, that gemstone or that brand?

Cheryl’s favourite precious metal is gold, always has been, always will be! The cross pendant and chain that she designed herself was a present for her 21st birthday. The sophisticated, elegant design means that Cheryl can incorporate the pendant into her wardrobe every day and it always looks a stand-out piece.

Catherine regularly wears a few rings. One of these is a dainty sapphire and diamond chevron ring given to her as a birthday present from her Grandparents. The choice of sapphire and diamond is a classic (–carat-sapphire/#.VqDXQZqLTcs), the durability of the stones allows it to be worn daily, and most importantly the beautiful colours never go out of fashion!

When choosing his watch Mark decided that he wanted to invest in a brand. The name’s Omega, Omega Constellation ( Mark’s watch, made in 2007, differs in looks from the first Omega Constellation made in 1952 due to advancements in technology and materials. The fact it’s Omega and designed by some of the best designers in the world, ensure this is a sound investment piece.

Over a thousand miles away from home, Jaanika’s jewellery collection is all about keeping her family close. Her choice of ring today was a recent Christmas present from her Dad. The contemporary design set with diamonds makes it a statement of today and complements the other rings she wears on a daily basis, adding some extra sparkle in the office!

Anthony’s ring is a labour of love. After saving up to buy the exact ring he wanted, it is now his pride and joy. Designed and made by the London based company The Great Frog, it is a modern design based on a human skull excavated from a 17th Century Dutch monastery ( The brand is worn by numerous famous people; Anthony’s is another name they can add to their list!

I have learnt a lot from asking my colleagues about their favourite jewels. All of the jewellery I looked at today shouted ‘QUALITY’ ensuring a long lasting piece of jewellery enjoyed for many years. Nevertheless, the thought that has presided is most definitely the fact that jewellery has the ability to mean so much.

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