It is far from a boring job, no two days are ever the same, so I cannot walk in and say this is my rota for today. Some may say it is an education, I like to think of it as being interesting and challenging, as well as rewarding. There are days when I am most certainly kept on my toes as it is not a job for the faint-hearted.

The most frequently asked questions are about valuations, how to sell, how to buy at auction, when am I being paid for lots sold, or simply asking for a pen to bid with!! or where are the toilets!!

I daily book valuations and collections for Trevor and Allan who you will always see in our Biddle & Webb van out on the road.

I may get a call during the day to deal with a deceased estate from Solicitors or the executors, I am always the first point of contact. They appreciate the compassion Biddle & Webb show during such a sensitive time. To have the burden of organising valuations of their loved ones items is important to them.  The hassle is taken away as we sort out removal and clearances at properties.

Diversifying from this there are always queries to sort, situations to solve for example calling Birmingham Council to report fly tipping nearby, or to giving directions to Delivery guys who are good at getting lost!

Over the years during my time here, I have met the most lovely and interesting people, from all walks of life. Sellers have told me stories for example, about the Silver Vault in London and how only generations of family are allowed to sell there. How items were bought and sold during the War with Pawnbrokers. Some of the older dealers who have traded for many years tell stories of their experiences at auctions over time, how very different it all is now we are in the Digital Age.

I feel I have been privileged to have seen some of the most beautiful exquisite pieces of jewellery,   interesting art work (some of an acquired taste!) and memorable high value antiques which have been in families for years each piece telling a story. This I would never have seen in any other working environment.

These are just some of the examples of my day as a receptionist, but of course most importantly last but not least, I cannot leave out how weekly I hear stories about Mr Biddle and the legacy he left behind.

One can say what a place to work!

From Cheryl

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  1. I have some silver I would like valued and sold if I can – which days or times could I bring them to Biddle & webb for valuation.c

    1. Hello Lorna,

      please head over to -www.biddleandwebb.com/valuations.cfm and send us an image of your silver or come along to our FREE valuation days at the auction every Tuesday 2pm-4pm, Thursday 10am-1pm and Saturday 9am-12noon.

      Kind regards,


    2. Hello Lorna, you can send us an image of your silver via email or Twitter & Facebook and we will get back to you on the day. You can also come to our FREE VALUATION days at the auction every Tuesday 2pm-4pm, Thursday 10am-1pm and Saturday 9am-12noon. Kind regards, Joyya

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