Managing Probates & Solicitors

Probates have to be dealt with sensitivity, accuracy, organisation and trust.

Over the years we at Biddle & Webb have built a strong, trusting good relationship with Solicitors across the Midlands.

A probate is for a person an individual, but the requirements are the same. When valuing the chattels a deceased has collected over a lifetime, a valuer has to be sensitive, but realistic as to what the present value is of a piece of furniture to a precious watch or ring, or a family heirloom bequeathed to a member of the family.

A solicitor will call to say ‘Can you do a Probate as soon as possible, can the removal/ clearance be done tomorrow or in a few days? Can the car be collected and put into auction?’ We are proud to say we have always been able to say ‘YES!’

This is usually because the property has been sold or needs to be emptied quickly, ready for a Council or Sheltered Housing Association. The removal company we use will always be at the property to meet Jeremy and clear the property leaving it clean and tidy.

An executor will call and say a Solicitor has referred me to you, they have recommended you to me. I need a Probate, can you help I don’t know where to begin or what to do?

When items come to auction, the solicitor and executor need to be informed through all the process until the last lots are sold. Solicitors rely on us to do this, leaving them to concentrate on dealing with the rest of the probate. The executors more often than not are relieved this stressful part is taken over from them and organised.

We could tell many a story of the properties where we have conducted a Probate valuation and cleared.

From being in very poor state of repair, to ones which have  been cared for immaculate and tidy, from two bedroom flats to huge houses ,clients who have owned  properties in the Midlands to Devon, farmhouses, cars, number plates etc. Even ones where there has been an extensive collection of model tortoises.

A probate is not just a valuation, auctioneering and clearing of chattels in a property, it is the closing of a person’s life belongings and home, which we try to do with as much dignity for them as possible.

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