Our Social Media obsession

We have had a remarkable success using Social Media for marketing as a small business! This has allowed us to further our reach and engage with our existing customers and potential customers. Not only do we want to build a strong presence on Social Media we want to build a strong brand!

Showcasing our Interior Sale and Commercial Sale each week has allowed us to engage with ‘Antique Lovers’ on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Through these Social Media platforms we have increased website traffic, built conversation, raised brand awareness, and created a brand identity; and most importantly improved communication and interaction with our key audiences.

Tweeting daily about our upcoming lots and creating Facebook events has been a key success, we were able connect with people and businesses who love antiques as much as we do.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has enabled us to receive feedback from our customers and receive enquires about any upcoming lots. Not only allowing customers to communicate with us directly but allowing the customer to watch us LIVE using Periscope, Twitter & Facebook LIVE.  So, why not watch us LIVE every Tuesday’s at 3pm @biddleandwebb_ on Periscope!

We are extremely diverse when it comes to SMM. Weekly blogs on WordPress are important to us, we always have something to talk about, and it may be about Jen’s Jewellery box or Ellie’s role at Biddle & Webb! YouTube has now become a part of our SMM strategy by delivering weekly content about sales. We want our audience to know the personalities behind the business.

We will always stay connected and have fun with our SMM!


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