My New Role

I was fresh out of university and had graduated with a Marketing degree, stepping into the real world, like for real this time, not like when they said in high school; I wasn’t too sure what my next move was. But when a friend of mine from university asked me if I was interested in a role at Biddle & Webb, I had a sense of direction. It was a job where I could make use of my marketing degree and knowledge. After two interviews, one with the friend (practice run) and one with the MD James (the real one), I got the job as a social media executive and started on the 18th of October 2016.

Work starts at 9am well I say 9am, you can’t start a day off without a cuppa, so first thing is first, everyone gets a round of tea/coffee, then work starts at 9.05am. I then spend my journey checking up and connecting with our audience on our social media pages i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I create and implement campaigns as well as develop content calendars, by updating our social media pages with current and relevant photos, videos or other content from Biddle & Webb activities and events such as our Tuesday Commercial Sale and Saturday Interior Sale.

Although staying connected with our existing customers is important it is equally important for us to expand our customer base, so I use Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to assess trends and activity on our Facebook and Twitter page, I then review data on the performance of our social media pages and modify plans/strategies to optimize reach.

I feel that in this day and age social media marketing takes a great importance in a business. Social media has allowed Biddle & Webb to gain an advantage in terms of visibility; it has broken down geographical borders for us and allowed customers and Biddle & Webb to connect from practically anywhere in the country if not the world. Not only does social media allow for free marketing and advertising tools, it lets us at Biddle and Webb have a better relationship and understanding of our audience on an individual basis. So to have a better understanding and relationship with us at Biddle & Webb, like us on and follow us on Oh and also you may find a bargain or two.



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