Here’s to 2018!

It’s always worrying to tempt fate, but this is the most excited the team and I have been about Biddle and Webb’s future since my dad died twenty years ago. We have always been a very diverse operation and sometimes we’ve found it difficult to juggle all the moving parts. However now our ability to sell anything from wine to property and retail returns has become our strength. Our live bidding system, which we invested heavily in five years ago, is a revelation for many of our corporate customers who rely on transparency. They have their own client access area which allows all of their items to be seen as they’re are sold and reports are produced immediately. This year we have added several large retail brands who realise that redeeming redundant stock clogged up in large warehouses helps both efficiency and the bottom line.

We have brought these corporate skills to our new probate solicitors who have found that we can save them time and money. With our partners we can take all the hassle out of the probate experience for both solicitors and executors. Firstly we have started property sales and have sold several houses up to £700,000 many from deceased estates. We can value and clear, not only the contents, but all so clear and clean the house before it is sold. We can also sell cars in our commercial auction. All of the process from start to finish is tailored and transparent so clients spend less time tying up all the loose ends.

This year we opened a valuation office in the Jewellery Quarter. Even though we are situated a stones throw from the Quarter it became obvious we had to be there. Where the number of antiques and fine art sold in Birmingham is declining there’s a buoyancy in Jewellery and Watches. We have only been there for a few months but already it’s contributed to probably our best fine sale for more than twelve months.

However what excites me most is the staff. It’s a family business with a friendly atmosphere. There’s no hierarchy everybody is listened to, Everyone gets a chance to try something new. Many of the staff have been there over twenty five years and several started as university apprentices and are now full time auctioneers. it’s wonderful to see people fulfilled and excited as the year begins.

We’ve always wanted to make Biddle and Webb a positive experience for everyone and I hope if you’ve had time to read this you will come and visit and see what we’re trying to achieve. Happy New Year.



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