Probates: Where do you Start?

Organising the deceased estate of a loved one is often a stressful and distressing time. The probate process can seem quite a daunting prospect; where do you start, how do you effectively administer an estate and its contents?

As a probate and asset valuer I am used to visiting households across the midlands, assisting executors and solicitors with the estate administration process. I am always surprised by the sheer variety of assets that are valued for probate; from tractors to stamp collections, stationary engines to diamond rings.

In recent years, Biddle & Webb has expanded our probate services to include house clearance, property auctions and estate management. This combination of services provides a comprehensive solution for executors looking to finalise an estate efficiently and in confidence: we are able to appraise contents, monetize assets and clear the property ready for sale. With the introduction of our Property Auctions, Biddle & Webb can now monetise the estate itself – our most recent property achieved twelve thousand pounds over estimate, selling for £147,000 in our February Property Auction.

Biddle & Webb are in the process of developing a piece of software that enables executors and solicitors to track the progress of an estate from their phone, computer or tablet. The app allows users to navigate inventories, manage bequests and instruct items for sale or for clearance: granting executors more control over the probate process.

If you are an executor in need of a valuation for probate, contact Cheryl Field on 0121 455 8042 for more information.


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