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Last week saw me making calls to a plumber and a locksmith.

Something that might surprise you, but the recent cold weather has caught a few people out and has caused some of our probate solicitor a few headaches. As a problem solver offering a comprehensive property service, I was happy to help.

The frost damaged pipes were discovered as I opened the front door and got an unexpected cold shower, and I quickly jumped onto the stairs to avoid the new paddling pool.

Once the shock was over, a call to the plumber, and the water was off within the hour and the pipes repaired within 24hrs.

Our property services are designed to help executors and probate solicitors and includes an immediate first visit to a property to video the rooms as a record as soon as possible after a death and continues right through to a property auction.

In the case of the flooded house, the next step was booking a skip to remove the soaked carpets and start the process of drying out, and will include total contents clearance this week, a clean and finally an auction.

Our clearance service has also radically changed as we now work in conjunction with Acorns. This again often surprises our clients, but Acorns run 8 vans, and are able to clear items that have no commercial value from any estate and recycle them. This dramatically reduces landfill and raising money for a great cause. Many executors are delighted to hear that their relative’s clothes, books, and kitchen utensil’s are going to raise funds for a charity rather than being thrown away.

Quality clothes end up in Acorns shops, while others including all types of material are bagged and sold by the weight. Acorns are a registered recycler and so can handle metal, old household appliances, cardboard, even old garden tools. This year Acorns hope to raise £400,000 from the recycling of unwanted items and we are delighted to support them.

To hear more about our unique property probate services please call me on 0121 455 8042.


By Jeremy Thornton.

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