The Commercial Sale

The weekly commercial sale offers a broad selection of items from a wide diversity of vendors. Frequently lost in transit items will feature prominently. Following a holding period by the carrier to allow for claims or repatriation these goods need to be cleared to free up expensive storage space. The commercial sale may also include surplus to requirement goods from larger retailers and manufacturers. Many of these items would be offered at auction because they are discontinued lines, end of season surplus or simply have some form of damaged packaging. Our vendors appreciate the fact that clearing dead stock allows for faster investment elsewhere in their organisation, facilitating growth. Some of our clients may consign goods on a weekly basis, others perhaps only quarterly. In any event the diversity keeps the sales interesting and means there is always something of interest for prospective buyers.

With very few exceptions goods offered in the commercial auction are sold without a reserve as this affords buyers a fair market price and provides vendors with the fast resolution and realistic auction return they are seeking. Our traditional format of an open public auction is attractive because it is fully transparent, providing both a full audit trail and achieving a much faster turnaround than is possible with a timed auction.

Other features of our commercial sale I would highlight to prospective new vendors is that we regularly clear over 92% of all entered lots, we have our own unique online bidding platform and significantly recorded over 1.8 million web site hits last year!

We are always looking for new commercial clients so if you feel our commercial sale could provide a service to your business why not get in touch?

Robert Simmonds


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