Probate valuations are a very important service we offer at Biddle & Webb. A probate has to be undertaken with professionalism, sensitivity, organisation and speed from start to finish.

So we start with the initial first telephone call or sometimes e-mail, either from a Solicitor or Executor to an estate. The most frequently asked questions are, can you help, can you organise a probate and a removal/ clearance, can you sell items at your auctions, for example chattels, vehicles, property, how soon can all this be arranged, can you organise cleaning of the property, cover security, what are your charges? of course the answer is always yes.

Next step, I arrange for a valuer to go to a property to conduct the valuation, arrange for keys to be collected if a Solicitor or Executor will not be attending the valuation. Images and videos are taken, using our new software package and sent to the Solicitor with a quote for a clearance and if needed a quote for the collection of a vehicle to be delivered for auction.

All this is also sent to the Executors if requested.

Once all this has been agreed I then contact Acorns Children’s Hospice, send all information to them and arrange a clearance at a property. I then contact a vehicle recovery company to arrange collection of a vehicle on the same day (again if required).

If the property is to be auctioned, I pass this onto Jeremy Thornton, our MD, who values and organises selling the property at auction.

I then contact the Solicitor or Executor to confirm the date all this can be done, then finalise all the arrangements with all parties.

Once the clearance has been completed, sellable items brought to Biddle & Webb are consigned, a copy of the consignment form is sent to the Solicitor or the Executor.

The next process items are entered into auction, I correspond with the Solicitor and the executors throughout all the sales. Once all lots have been sold I send a closure letter to the Solicitor and/ or Executor stating the estate is now closed with Biddle & Webb.

That is a Probate completed!


Biddle & Webb

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