Why should I buy my wine at auction?

I was asked this question recently and it struck me that with a plethora of alternatives available to the wine buyer it deserved some consideration. My first tip is that there is always the opportunity to pick up a bargain. Our wine auction is very much geared to the private buyer with most lots being single mixed cases. Even after the buyers fee and VAT (where relevant) have been added the average unit bottle price will usually be much lower than when buying through a traditional retail outlet. Additionally an auction provides the wine drinker with a chance to experiment. Our suppliers range from lost in transit, through merchant bin ends to private collections. Most lots will contain an assortment from a particular area or maybe concentrate on a single varietal such as Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz.

At the higher end of the market auctions offer wines with bottle age at a reasonable price; these may be unavailable in shops where only the most recent vintage is offered. Of course this may not be such a big deal if you are buying Beaujolais but certainly Rhone and Bordeaux reds will generally benefit from some bottle age. Taking this a stage further into fine wines, auction may now be the only way to obtain them at this point in their life. Fine French, Italian and even New World wines are not produced in the vast quantities demanded by the large supermarkets; many being drunk too early or alternatively tied up in bond as part of investment portfolios.

The next Biddle & Webb Wines and Spirits Sale is scheduled for Thursday 12th September. Perhaps you have wine to sell in which case please give us a call. Alternatively we look forward to seeing you at the sale for a glass of wine and perhaps a real bargain!

Rob Simmonds­­­­­­

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