New Hires in the Age of COVID-19

In August, we announced that despite current circumstances, our business has continued to thrive. This month, we are excited to be taking our growth to a new stage: over the remainder of the year, Biddle & Webb will be taking on four new employees.

Our company started out as a family-run business, and we have always maintained a small, tight-knit team, so we take hiring seriously. With four new sets of applications, we’ve had our hands full – we received 1,400 responses to our Warehouse Assistant advertisement alone. After a tough selection process, we found not one, but two candidates: one who will be filling our original vacancy, and another who will join our valuation team as a Probate Assistant.

With two roles filled, we’re looking at our third new position: our Property Valuer and Negotiator listing received a high volume of responses, and since this role is the most highly skilled of those advertised, our standards are high. We are currently in the process of interviewing our most promising candidates, in the hope that we’ll find the right person to assist with our ever-growing number of property valuations – and, hopefully, ever-growing property sales. Property auctions have become an increasingly important part of our business in the last few years, and we’re looking for somebody who understands this, and who can help us get straight back on the market as and when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Finally, in a few months’ time, we will be hiring one more person: a long-standing member of our staff will be retiring from full-time work at the end of the year, so we will be taking on and training a new employee to take over her duties. As Assistant to the Directors, this person’s role will extend into all areas of what we do at Biddle & Webb, and we’re excited to see what kind of person will best fit these responsibilities.

As Birmingham restrictions tighten, and as we maintain our strict in-house COVID-19 restrictions, we’re still looking forward. We’re wishing a warm welcome to all our new hires, and we hope that we will continue to grow over the remainder of the year.

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