Virtual Jewellery Valuations with Jennifer Pardoe FGA DGA

I’m back! When I packed up my loupe and scales to head on maternity leave last year the world was a very different place. We were still in the first lockdown and I know I was extremely hopeful that the pandemic would be over by Christmas. Alas, I’m back at work and the world is still a very strange place but actually, finding my feet at work again was not as hard as I imagined.

Biddle & Webb has always been a very technology focused company, striving to make as many processes as possible digital. So I was already set up with my laptop and phone, all I needed to do was figure out Microsoft Teams! But there is a huge part of my job that I do miss and that’s the interaction with customers. To overcome that, we are offering Free Virtual Jewellery Valuations which take place on Microsoft Teams.

Booking for these valuations takes place through the calendar on our website. There are a certain amount of slots available for each event and once you are booked on we send you an email containing everything you need to know (how to join the meeting, what to have with you etc.). Then at the time of the meeting, click the link in our email and I will appear on your screen! I can then chat through with you about the valuation process, provide some initial valuations and discuss any queries you may have about auctions.  

Providing this service allows us to keep everyone safe, but still get on with business from the comfort of our own homes. So come on, lets get something else in the diary besides walking the dog and going to Tesco!

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