Woks, Wheels and Watches – variety is the spice of life for an asset valuer

In the last three months the Biddle & Webb team has been asked to value a wide range of commercial assets including the machinery in a tyre recycling plant, the contents of a Chinese restaurant and most recently the fittings and tools at a jewellery shop.

The instructions typically come from lawyers or other professions acting for the landlord, and with the locations of these three jobs spread from south London to the Peak District, we feel our reputation for quick, no nonsense and affordable asset valuations is growing.

The most pleasing aspect of the last three months has been when we have been asked to follow the valuation with our complete integrated clearance and auction service.

The Chinese restaurant perhaps best illustrates how we solve problems for our clients.

The job included arranging a gas engineer to disconnect the gas supply to the building,

We also had to isolate the water supply to the kitchen sinks prior to removing the units.

From the start we realised that the large gas wok cooker would need to be dismantled but the clearance team had to solve a few other issues during the removal. We discovered the entrances to the kitchen and building had been changed since the kitchen fridges and larger prep tables had been installed.

Clear communication with the client kept them informed of the clearance teams progress and I was delighted to receive back the following comments from the landlord “I didn’t even recognise the kitchen, it looks that different when empty!”

Our client – one of the top 30 law firms in the UK was also kind enough to add “I would just like to take the opportunity to pass on my client’s comments following your visit to the premises. They did such an amazing job; their stomachs must have been churning, but the premises looked amazing when they left”.

Biddle & Webb are lucky to hold a variety of auctions that allow us to maximise the sale return, with  the kitchen and restaurant items are going through our commercial auction, while the eagle eyed cataloguers pulled out some Chinese lantern and silk picture that will go into one of our monthly interior auctions.

Asset valuations, commercial clearances and problem solving that allows us to meet and we hope exceed our client’s requirements. I’m proud of the team.

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